Contract Maintenance

Contract maintenance is the most cost-effective and reliable approach to ensuring a plant’s operation. With our trained and experienced journeymen, you are assured excellence, control, and accountability. Whether your needs are full time maintenance or periodic service and repair, Higgins is your go-to provider for plant contract maintenance requirements.

24 hr Service Calls

Unexpected events can be reduced by regular maintenance, but sometimes emergencies still arise. When they do, you need someone who can respond quickly at any time. We have service technicians available 24/7. We understand the importance of keeping your systems up and running. Electrical system failure can mean signifiant loss of revenue and create a dangerous situation for employees. Our team responds to urgent situations with confidence and expertise while keeping safety as a top priority.

Maintenance Services

MSHA - Ground resistance testing

Trouble shooting

AC/DC Variable Frequency Drives

Electrical systems monitoring

Energy cost audits

Fiber optic cable splicing

24 hour electrical service technicians

If you need electrical maintenance services Request a Quote or call now. 800-806-4859

Infrared Thermography Services for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that causes the most problems. Quality electrical preventive maintenance is absolutely vital for industrial facilities. When a problem shuts down a manufacturing facility, warehouse operation or call center, the lost dollars add up minute-by-minute. It is not the time to wonder if improper or lack of maintenance is the reason for the shutdown. Our experience with contract maintenance has given us the expertise to help reduce your annual cost without sacrificing safety or quality. Objects put out electromagnetic energy that cannot be detected by the human eye but can be discovered with specialized equipment used by our Class Two Certified Infrared Thermography Team. By analyzing the thermal signatures of equipment, potential problem areas are quickly identified. Taking this step can protect your company by saving time and money in costly damages while also addressing workplace safety. A few factors that can increase heat resistance problems are:
  • Age of Equipment
  • Normal Usage
  • Poor Connections
  • Weather Exposure
Many insurance companies require Class Two Certified technicians.
Experience • Reputation • Safety

Contractors and facility managers understand the value of working with a qualified electrical contractor who can design, build, and maintain their electrical systems. That is why at Higgins Electric we provide full service commercial and industrial electrical services so you can complete your project and manage your facility with less stress.