Safety First

At Higgins Electric we believe that safety is job number one for our both our clients and our employees.  We are a family, and we owe it to our clients, staff, and families to have the highest level of safety we can create for each project. Our safety team is made up of top-level management from all our departments. Partnering with our Director of Safety Operations, our Safety Team sees that policies and procedures are up to date. This assures the highest possible safety performance on our projects. 

We provide safety in service and education to all new personnel, assuring each staff position, regardless of role, is up to date with the most current safety standards. Our employees attend weekly OSHA safety training, along with receiving training as per OSHA and MSHA (Contractor #E750) regulations. Higgins maintains an OSHA 200 Log. 

Our technicians are certified for many different maintenance and design tasks in a constantly changing industrial marketplace. Higgins Electric’s skilled craftsmen receive factory training, regularly participate in continuing education and safety training to maintain their certifications, and stay informed of our industry’s latest technologies.

Industry Leaders
In Safety

As a leader in the commercial and industrial electrical industry, Higgins Electric is also committed to being a leader in safety. That is why we have a companywide goal of zero injuries and zero accidents on each and every project. We have implemented policies and procedures that reduce the risk of injuries and accidents. Our systematic approach of constant emphasis on our safety policies creates a culture of awareness through-out our company leadership and those on the front lines. Incidences such as unsafe acts are responded to and corrected immediately.
In addition to creating a safe environment from which to work, our safety records work for you. Our safety record reduces our cost of insurance; a savings we pass along to our clients as well as giving our clients both confidence and comfort the project will be accident free.

Safety Policy

The policy of Higgins Electric is to ensure that all necessary actions are taken to provide and maintain continuing safe and healthy working conditions, to prevent accidental injuries and illnesses to employees, to prevent damage to equipment and assets, and to protect the interest of employees, our customers and the public.

Higgins Electric requires that all employees take the OSHA 10-Hour Outreach Program for Construction. This program gives our employees a detailed view of the role OSHA plays on the job site. It also informs our employees of their responsibilities regarding safety.

Higgins Electric’s construction employees, including project managers and superintendents, are required to take the OSHA Construction Program. This ensures that our employees meet the criteria outlined by OSHA’s outreach training initiative.

OSHA Training Topics

Basic rigging

Confined spaces

Electrical safety

Fall protection

Hand and power tool safety

Hazard communication

Health hazards in construction

Introduction to OSHA

Ladder safety

Material handling and storage

Personal protective equipment (PPE)


Stuck by, caught between

Experience • Reputation • Safety

Contractors and facility managers understand the value of working with a qualified electrical contractor who can design, build, and maintain their electrical systems. That is why at Higgins Electric we provide full service commercial and industrial electrical services so you can complete your project and manage your facility with less stress.