Alabama: 841 (Electrical Contractor)
Alabama: 24636 (General Contractor)
Arkansas: 0219160512
Florida: EC0001608
Georgia: EN210510
Kentucky: CE63769
Mississippi: 13001
North Carolina: 22787-U
South Carolina: M112211
Tennessee: 00063709
Virginia: 2705 135269A
Johnson County KS: 2017-7797

Certificates of Authorization – Engineering

Alabama: CA-4645-E
Florida: 33242
Georgia: PEF007523
Mississippi: E-29999
Tennessee: 7521
Arkansas: 3592

MSHA Certified

MSHA #E750

Experience • Reputation • Safety

Contractors and facility managers understand the value of working with a qualified electrical contractor who can design, build, and maintain their electrical systems. That is why at Higgins Electric we provide full service commercial and industrial electrical services so you can complete your project and manage your facility with less stress.


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